Tanayan Creek

Tanayan – named for the Chumash village once located on the site – is an exceptional 1926 Mission Revival estate. Everything about the place is extraordinary – the architecture, the history, the tile work, the stonework --- everything. Nearly finished with an extensive home renovation and restoration, the clients turned their attention to the grounds. The sloping 100’ long x 25-40’ wide project area contained an abandoned rose garden, overgrown shrubs and a few mature trees.

The client was excited about creating a beautiful natural looking creek -- just like Rattlesnake Canyon. After wrapping up the design and construction of the project,  the 80 foot long “creek”, as I call it is what I am most proud of --- not only because it is so very beautiful, but because it was extremely challenging to design and to build. The completed landscape now includes eight gardens with the creek as the dramatic centerpiece of the property. Added is a replica of a mission dam, bridge, and koi pond with turtles complemented by a custom tea house. The small waterfall in the koi pond forms the "head water" of the creek.  The koi pond passes under the foot bridge and spills over the dam to reach the lower end of the stream. Oxygenated and balanced, it's as close to a natural occurring river as can be.